Our area of competency:
creating value from debris.

Since 1999, we have successfully
developed and implemented solutions for
companies and organisations in the complex
area of material flow management.

With expertise in the areas of interdisciplinary
consulting, planning and implementation,
we serve small and large companies alike.

We develop solutions in close cooperation
with our customers. Solutions that are
always tailored to their individual situation
and requirements.

And with guaranteed success: company-
specific cost reductions and an optimised
life cycle assessment go hand in hand,
immediately upon implementation.

As required, we will continue to provide
the customerís company with a monthly
monitoring report even after the concrete
project has come to its conclusion.
Monitoring: a reliable controlling instrument
for verifying all of the relevant data at any
time and fine-tuning the solution as soon
as possible.

This is how sustainability remains
economical in the long term.